The Valli Girls Loyalty Program

Want to join?

During your next visit to The Valli Girls, simply give us your name, phone number and email and you'll be automatically registered. It's that easy!

How to earn points

  • Everytime you make a purchase you earn points
  • Points are accumulated and can be redeemed for discounts on delicious The Valli Girls products

What else do you get?

Every month we send an email newsletter. In each newsletter we include: 

  • Delicious recipies to help you better enjoy The Valli Girl products
  • Exclusive offers only available to The Valli Girls Loyalty Program Members
  • Health and nutritional information from leading experts
  • Contests where you can have a chance to win prizes and The Valli Girls products
  • Information about in-store demonstrations, seminars and cooking lessons


  • Different point amounts are earned depending on the product purchased
  • Sale items are not eligable for points
  • Points earned on a single visit are available for redemption during your next visit, not the visit they were earned
  • Everytime you redeem your points, your total reverts back to zero and you start earning points again upon your next visit and purchase
  • Points can be earned to a maximum of $20.00
  • You will only be notified of your points total at the point of sale at The Valli Girls
  • To redeeem your points during your visit your total purchase value must be greater than your points to be redeemed