Our Farms

We source our products from sustainable farms. The well-being and ethical treatment of the animal is equally important to us as the food it is fed. We guarantee our meats are drug and hormone free. Our meats come from local farms throughout Ontario only.

Where "natural, local food" isn't just a catch phrase. Conscientious Farming is about caring for something beyond the bottom line, beyond producing as much meat as you can in the shortest amount of time. It is about caring for the environment and the animals entrusted to our care. It is about caring for the health of the people who eat our food in order to live. It is not only about ensuring that the food is good-tasting, but that it is nourishing in the deepest sense. It is about caring for the land that is our home, that provides sustenance, and whose beauty brings us great joy and inspiration.Learn more
We grow and sell specialty Pork Products from rare and heritage breed pigs for butcher shops, restaurants, and consumers across Ontario. The de Martines Family Farm has been in production since the 1850's. It is 100 acres of relatively flat land with a well established bush and a small stream at the back of the property. We, Fred and Ingrid de Martines, from the Netherlands, bought the farm in 1979. Fred is a certified Swine Specialist with European training and experience. After extensive renovations we began the process of raising a family and top quality pigs.Learn more
Back a quiet country road north of Bloomingdale, Ontario you will find a working farm that has been in our family for five generations. We have been raising turkeys for 12 years, and from the start, the health and quality of our birds has been our priority.Learn more
Life. Art. Food. Get 5 star results every time.Learn more
The Garlic Box is Canada’s leading premier company of gourmet garlic food products that are made with select cold-climate garlic.Learn more
At Beawell Grass Fed Beef, loving our cattle means treating them with respect and dignity from birth to harvest. Every one of our Simmental cattle are well cared for in clean barns and low-stress pesticide free pastures by people who care about their well-being. The beef that you are feeding your family is hormone and antibiotic free. They have open access to food, water and shelter, and eat organic diets (supplements of kelp and probiotics) that are monitored by Bioag Consultants. The cattle drink fresh water which is pumped out to each of the pastures by the farm water treatment system. This is the same water that we drink in our home. The cattle graze on pastures that are sustainably managed throughout the Summer and Fall that are free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers. During the winter months, hay from our own fields (that is also pesticide and fertilizer free)...Learn more